Rainbow Songs Foundation is looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to join our Board of Directors

Rainbow Songs Foundation (RSF) is a non-profit organization that provides interactive music programs for free to families with young children living in shelters and government-supported housing across the Greater Toronto Area.  Since its inception in late 2007, RSF has grown each year, making a positive impact on over 2,000 families.

Our 8 member Board of Directors oversees RSF day-to-day operations, fundraising, communications and marketing activities.  The RSF Office Manager works closely with Board members to assist them in implementing RSF music programming and all Board action plans.

RSF is seeking 2 Board candidates with strong leadership, communications and teamwork skills who are dedicated to RSF's mission.  The candidate(s) would fill one of the following roles:

  1. Communications Chair with expertise in public relations and marketing.

  2. Fundraising and Development Chair with expertise in event planning, grant writing and fundraising initiatives.

** Each of these Chair positions will have a small team working with them to successfully meet their respective goals for the Foundation.

General Responsibilities/Skills of all Board Members:

  • Board members will attend 6 in-person Board meetings per year and will contribute approximately 6-8 hours per month outside of these meetings.  

  • Board members to provide a 2 year commitment to the role.

  • Board members to govern the affairs of the organization on behalf of its members and to do so reasonably, prudently and in good faith in accordance with the agency’s bylaws, rules and regulations.

  • Board members will work with the team on an as-needed basis in the manner of in-person, phone or email communications throughout the year.

  • Prior Board experience is an asset.

If you would like to apply, please send your letter of interest and resume to manager@rainbowsongsfoundation before April 26, 2019 and please note your specific area of interest.  Please see our website for further information.

Best wishes,

The Rainbow Songs Foundation Board and Community