Dancing in the Cafeteria

We had a lot of fun this week. We worked with rapping and word plays. Having started off with “Boom Chicka Boom”, where the group repeats after me in a variety of different voices and ways. We headed into a few songs before standing up and doing the “Monkey” and the “Freeze”. I brought out the Guiro (a percussion instrument with ridges that you scrape). As usual the instrument made its way into everyone's hands. We had children and mothers with 1 to 3 staff in the room with us. Our regular location was unavailable due to a staff meeting in our regular space so we set up our program in the cafeteria. As a result, we started promptly at 6:30 as many of the participants had just finished their supper and were ready and waiting.

The energy is wonderfully boisterous. I find I have to change gears and move onto new activities quite quickly to keep the children engaged.