This Little Light Of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine!

I returned to Robertson House this week for our second week of class, arriving about a half hour early to set up the room and prepare. To my surprise upon arriving, I realized that the room was full of people ready to sing. It was such an amazing sight to see! Most faces were familiar but there were 3 new little ones and 2 moms to meet, so I spent the next 20 minutes or so introducing myself. One new mom was sitting in the corner quietly with a stroller and as I went over to say hello I noticed that her baby was SO small. I asked, "how old is your little one?" to which is replied, "three days". I WAS SHOCKED! I have NEVER had a baby so new to world in my class! The mom asked if I knew the song "This Little Light Of Mine". I told her I did. She asked shyly if I would be able to sing it to her new baby, because "I have never been more in love with anything in my entire life, its incredible". I was so touched by her candidness that I said "of COURSE we can, what a beautiful song to sing to your new baby!" All of the older kids started to become very curious of the new little addition to our class and as we started to sing "the Hello Song," I saw that this class was indeed going to be very special. We did a mix of familiar songs from last week and some new ones to deepen the learning, building on what the group already knew: "Roly Poly," "Wheels On The Bus," "I Wake Up My Hands," "Head And Shoulders," "Mr. Sun," "Itsby Bitsy Spider," "6 Little Ducks," "Old MacDonald," and "Elephants Marching." I also decided to try the "Roll The Ball" activity for the first time today. It was somewhat successful, but we will have to practice this idea of 'sharing' each and every week so we may improve.

The IOTW was the tambourine. I led the group through a demonstration and sing-along using Bob Dylan's tune "Tambourine Man". We then brought out all the instruments and sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "De-Oh," and "This Little Light Of Mine." It was so amazing to see the group singing and playing in harmony, welcoming a new life into the world and I know that it is a day I will remember for years to come.