That's alright, I have enough energy for everyone :)

My second day at the Massey Centre went well, though some faces were missing from day one; it'll be interesting to see if those people return with their children. It's interesting to note that many of the same issues that seem to effect young high school students apply here. I still sense a bit of hesitation, like they don't want to be the only "silly" parent in the room: after all, who wants to find themselves being judged by a room of people?

No one, ever.

I'm certainly doing my best to be larger than life, keeping their focus on me, and keep the lesson moving. I'm hoping that If they don't have time to worry about judging themselves or each other, they'll forget all about those doubts and let fun continue to work it's magic.

That's all presuming, of course, that this is the issue at all. I could be completely wrong about it... maybe they were just a little tired?