Autumn at Massey Centre

October 25

A core group of parents and children seems to be appearing, with newer people dropping in to find out exactly what's going on.  It's great to see parents gaining confidence and skills, while the children relax and learn. The jam session remains by far the most fun - the parents really seem to get into playing the instruments for all they’re worth.

November 1

The core group of parents and students are still enthusiastic, though parents seemed to be a little tired today. That's alright, I have enough energy for everyone!

Even though Halloween has already passed, I did an entire Halloween program with them today - what fun! Parachute dancing to Thriller was... ahem... thrilling?

I'm too punny!

November 15

Only three students today - though I was told one of our regular parent/kid combos was sick. I was very glad to see someone from outside the core group return today, this time with less apprehension than the first time she came in.

My regulars are certainly committing themselves to being here, and are doing very well.

November 29

Animal week was a success!
My regular crowd showed up today, albeit a bit behind schedule, and a great time was had by all.  Interesting to see the babies reactions to the hats, which confounded them at first, but stayed on their heads remarkably well after the forgot about them.
Cute explosion!
Glad to see one mother who started attending classes a couple of weeks after we started at the Massey Centre returning, and coming out of her shell a little bit. Her baby? Totally out of the shell!
Loved seeing a pre-natal mother attend for the first time today! Very glad she showed up, and hoping she'll return.