Musical Growth

Today's class had a different, but wonderful, feel from our usual classes at Jessie's Centre. Our group of just 3 babies and a toddler was a very calm and easy-going group. Now, it may sound like the class was uninterested, but quite the opposite! Our moms and shelter staff were very eager to sing and help the babies do every action to every song. Everyone participated from the first guitar strum right to the last! We enjoyed seeing many baby smiles and our one little toddler was quite content to sit right in front of the guitar and give his own little strum once in awhile. He was also a great drummer and used a djembe--one of our hand drums--for a lot of our class. It's incredible to see such strong musical interest from kids at such a young age! It makes me glad to know that our class gave that little guy an opportunity to show off his musicality and drumming skills--there was definitely a future drummer in our midst! And, of course, it's always wonderful to watch the babies grow and develop and become more engaged with our classes each week. One of the babies first joined us at 4 months old. His response to his first class was almost horror--the volume and stimulation was too much. Now we watch him revel in doing actions, cooing to his mom and kicking up a storm when the parachute soars over his head. What a great class!