Who Are The Beatles??

I had a question poised to me this week by a mom in my class.

"Danica ... Who are the Beatles?" - MOM
"Ummm ... ONE OF THE GREATEST BANDS OF ALL TIME!" - ME (rather loudly)
"Ohhhhh ... " - MOM
We both looked slightly wide-eyed at my reaction and laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes. I tried to explain myself, insisting that they were one of MY favourite bands but it is, as always, up to the listener to decide wether they like the music or not! She had been in my class the week we sang Yellow Submarine and Twist And Shout and apparently had been very confused by my introduction to the tune where I mentioned it was written and played by the Beatles. It was an A-HA! moment where I realized that indeed my group at Robertson House was very diverse with backgrounds stemming from all over the world. Even so, she had LOVED the song and insisted that we play it again.
I kept with a kind of "water theme" for this class and to Yellow Submarine we added Listen To The Water, Rain Rain Go Away, If All The Raindrops and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. For movement we tried a new song called Chee Chee Chaw which pairs actions using different body parts with both the melody and words from Singing In The Rain. Brilliant tune!
We ran out of time for IOTW but had a quick jam reviewing a couple of our favourites with variations using the instruments; If You're Happy And You Know It Play The Drum, and I'm In The Mood For Jamming.