Animal Week at Birkdale

At RSF we had a farm -- lots of wildness at Birkdale, and that's not counting the animals. Six adults and eight children sang, laughed, danced, and clapped to a variety of songs on a trip through the animal kingdom, including, "Poor Little Bug on the Wall," "Two Little Blackbirds," "BINGO,"  "Six Little Ducks," "Five Little Monkeys," and "Sleeping Bunnies".  A great benefit was to see how singing animal songs got the children talking about their favourite animals. Also, having two new adults and one new child at the session was wonderful. On the other end, three children have been there every week, and two adults have been there four of the five weeks. Finally, after not wanting anything to do with me last week, my hugger was back at it this week at the end of class. This time though, the child returned to their mother more easily. Children. Go figure.