Singin' Away Winter Blues

The nursery that we gather in at Jessie's Centre has a number of windows that let in a great deal of warm sunshine. However, today's gloomy weather brought us no sun. We certainly didn't let that get us down, though! Perhaps because we had some really lovely and engaged mamas, or perhaps because it's Valentine's Day and there was a little extra love felt in the room, our class today was anything but cold and blue; it was ripe with warmth and decorated with Valentine love!
Our group was fairly small today due to a number of babies who were napping, but we sang with gusto just the same! The young women in our circle were eager to sing and play, use sign language, and get down with some wonderful rhythms. We learned how to use claves today and our moms were instant experts in manipulating the claves to provide a sharp, vibrant, beat to go along with the song Some Like it Hot. We also worked a lot on sign language for some animals: rooster, cow, cat and pig. This was especially helpful while singing The Rooster Song. All in all, today's class was one of our most active and exciting. Looking forward to doing more with rhythms and sign language next week!