A new session begins at Massey Centre

A brand new session with RSF began today at Massey Centre. Although somewhat small, the group showed great enthusiasm. It took a little while to get the group started, but once everyone realized what they were in for they were eager to participate and we made it through a variety of songs, ranging from action songs to popular melodies. We finished off with a great jam session in which everyone was playing along and singing. There were four participants in total with two staff in attendance. One woman with her baby and two expectant mothers – one due this month and the other seven months pregnant. Normally I would have everyone sit in a circle on the floor, but under the circumstances we sat in chairs arranged in a circle. We sang to the one baby as the prenatal mothers held their bellies and commented that their babies were kicking a lot throughout the session.

Alina was there to meet me at 2:05 and brought the instrument bag with her. I was asked to go to the room and wait while she got the participants. At first, I was not too optimistic, since the last couple of weeks had been problematic, but the group came in right on time and the session went off without a hitch.