Earth Week

It's a great feeling when you walk into a room and several children point at you and announce your arrival to the others. A feeling that was made even better by hearing the RSF "Hands Together" CD being played. Birkdale went green as we celebrated Earth Week. The children got to experience a Rainstick, then joined in the singing of Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Listen to the Water. Equal time was given to the sun as we also sang Trees Need the Sun,and Mr. Sun. We then took a trip as the wheels went round and round on an electric bus. That took us all the way out to a farm where we watched Oats and Beans and Barley Grow. We also did some bicycle riding, rowing, and finished off with some canoeing. And we did all that without getting wet, even though the Thunder Sticks indicated there might be a storm in the area.