Earth Week Celebration

It was an exciting week at Robertson House as we celebrated Earth Week! Some amazing earth day themed artwork was on display in the children's room, so we took some time before class to admire the drawings and discuss the various themes and ideas surrounding the special day known to many as "Earth Day". Many of the children had wonderful ideas on how to conserve energy, and even the young ones seemed to understand the idea that taking care of the planet is everyone's responsibility.

We had a lot of familiar musical material to choose from, so we started with learning about the water cycle through the song The Itsby Bitsy Spider. We continued with the water theme and sang Listen tothe Water, singing about seeing different animals by the waterside. Singing about the sun came next,and we reviewed the actions for Mr. Sun and Trees Need the Sun. Paying homage to the tree, we stood tall for The Tree Song and practiced getting around the "green" way by Walking Along and singing The Bicycle Song.

For the instrument of the week I showed the group how to play the thunder tubes. These instruments were a huge hit, and as we passed them around the circle we chanted Thunder Pounding. I was encouraged by the participation of the grownups and kept the energy going for the jam where we sangI Can See Clearly Now and You Are My Sunshine.