Singing for the Earth!

In honour of Earth Day, we sang many songs which celebrated the earth and its many animals. After singing the Hello Song, we went right into a series of animal related songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald, Alice the Camel, and Sleeping Little Bunnies. Then it was time to take a look at our planet from a distance, with Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, before landing in the country of Tibet. I brought in my tingshaw bells, which were very well received by the children and mothers. We played a listening game where I had each child close their eyes and listen to the never-ending resonance of the bells. The children were very focused and determined to listen for as long as they could. We continued the class by going into the ocean and joining the sharks for a fun filled version of Baby Shark and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. The class ended with a big jam session, parachute, and of course the distribution of CD's to the women and children who had attended all three classes. Everyone was very excited and happy to receive their gift.