Singing their little hearts out!

Everyone brought their high energy singing voices and dancing feet for another lively class at Beatrice House! I decided to begin the class with some a capella songs such as I Hear Thunder and Lock the Door to help bring the group together in a more focused way. The contrast between loud and soft definitely grabbed their attention, and the children were very quick to pick up the lyrics and sing along. We then went into a series of transportation songs including Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Wheels on the Bus, and Row Row Row Your Boat, until we ended our journey in the magical land of Tibet. I brought in my own singing bowl which was a big hit with the children and mothers. The mothers were especially intrigued and surprised by how difficult it was to make the bowl sing. We also chatted about the significance of the bowl in Tibetan meditation and ritual. Toward the end of the class we wrapped things up with a jam session, singing Shake It Baby, Shake It', with shakers, and Jamaica Farewell, before singing the goodbye song.