I Love the Rainbow Songs CD!

It was another quiet week at Robertson House with only three families in attendance.However, the energy was palpable and we were able to sing through tons of material with enthusiasm and focus.

We started with some counting: 10 Little Fingers, Partner Counting Song, Johnny Works With One Hammer, and Two Little Blackbirds. We also sang about some other animals:Listen to the Water, The Turtle Chant, Six Little Ducks, Johnny Didn't Have Any Breakfast, Sleeping Bunnies, and The Ants Go Marching.

After Rolling the Ball and Passing the Beanbag successfully, I showed the group how to play an instrument from Brazil known as the cabasaIt makes a sound similar to when you vocalize "ch," so as we passed it around we sang songs in which we make similar sounds: Clean-O and Brush Your Teeth.

We kept the cabasa out for the jam as we reviewed, what I call, the "one love" medley:Three Little Birds, One Love and Stir It Up. We also sang other familiar tunes, Jamaica Farewell and Down In the Valley.

After class I spoke with some of the moms and staff members and heard that many of the children walk around singing The Hello Song all week longMany children also request that the Rainbow Songs Foundation CD be played during the time spent in daycare. One little girl went so far as to say that she LOVES her Rainbow SongFoundation CD and plays it in its entirety at least once a day! How amazing is that?! I LOVE to hear stories like this from the staff and it gives me a nice feeling knowing that they will be listening and jamming all summer long.