One Child + Six Grownups = A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

A bunch of families moved out of Robertson House over the weekend. As always, I am sad to see them go, but something special happened today that made the transition easier for me. Two moms who had moved out over the weekend came for a visit and chose to stay for the ENTIRE class even though their children were in the daycare! I was so touched! I spoke with them after class and thanked them for staying. Due to the small class size their presence was greatly appreciated.
Only one child was available to attend class today and so our group consisted of two staff members, four grownups, one child and myself! It was wonderful because she has attended class for quite some time and so we had a private lesson. I blended together some of her favourites and some new tunes I thought she would like, including 10 Little Fingers, Partner Counting Song, Where Is Thumbkin?, Nothing In The World Monkey Won't Do, Listen To The Water, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Tingalayo, If All The Raindrops and Trees Need The Sun.
For the instrument of the week I brought an instrument from Brazil called an AgogoI showed the group how to tap the bells using the mallet, and as we passed it around we sang All De' Nations Like Bananas. We then added the other instruments from the jam bag for Jamaica Farewell, One Love, Three Little Birds and Yellow Submarine. 
Because the class size was small we were able to sing through a variety of material, and it is always special to have the time to connect with just one child. I also LOVED having a room full of grownups to encourage and participate with my little friend!