Sleeping Bunnies

The kids have all officially fallen in love with the song Sleeping Bunnies. After doing a series of transportation songs: Wheels on the BusI've Been Working on the Railroad, and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, and singing songs having to do with different body parts, like Head and Shoulders, I had the children curl up on the carpet for Sleeping Bunnies. It's a rare moment to have everyone quietly lying on the floor without moving or talking. These kids have no problem pretending to sleep because of what comes next.....a BIG wake up which includes jumping around like crazy to the lyrics "hop little bunnies hop, hop, hop." It's become a class favourite which brings big smiles to everyone's face. Another highlight on Monday was the jam session which included a beautiful two part harmony in In the Jungle and Down in the Valley. We definitely have a great group of singers in this group!