Belting out the tunes at Beatrice House!

It was great to be back at Beatrice House! I was happy to meet some new faces, but it was mainly the old gang from last session plus three brand new babies –  all under one month old!  We started the class with one of my favourites, The Little Green Frog andSleeping Bunnies, before taking a journey around the globe. We started off in the Caribbean ocean with Baby Shark, rowed our way to Jamaica for Jamaica Farewell, then took an airplane in I'm a little Airplane to Australia to hang out with a Crocky Crocodile, and finally took a boat to Africa for In the Jungle. The group also had many requests, including Lock the DoorI Hear Thunder, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. I feel like this group knows me well and we have worked out a great flow. They also seem to be incredibly happy to have music back in their lives. The energy was high while the group dynamic was relatively focused. It was a great joy to be singing with all of them again and I look forward to this coming session.