Birkdale Dog Pile!

Well, no hugs today, even though the kids were happy to see me. And they must have been telling their friends, because by the end of the class there were 26 parents and children there. It made for a delightfully crowded rug as 17 of them were children. Of that group, 10 had been once before, and three had been all three weeks. There were also five parents who were back for their second week, and one who had attended all three classes.

The singing was again very spirited as BINGO, Allouette, Mama Don' Allow (with appropriate warnings), Corner Grocery Store, and Sleeping Bunnies had the room ringing. Parents and children enjoyed getting the Cabasa to makes its "ch-ch-ch-ch" sound.

 With the kids having enjoyed themselves so much, I figured I'd be in for lots of "high-fives".  WRONG.  Instead I got buried by a massive group hug.