Animal Week at Robertson House!

It was Animal Week at Robertson House, and with lots of new faces and personalities in the room I made sure to keep the group focused by mixing familiar and new tunes together.

We sang through tons of material including The Turtle Chant, The Flea Song, Poor Little Bug On The Wall, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Listen To The Water, The Crocodile Song, Old MacDonald Had A Farm, I Had A Rooster, Horsey Horsey, Ants Go Marching (Movement) and Elephants Have Wrinkles (Movement). 

For the instrument of the week I brought out the Wooden Frogs from Thailand. As we passed them around the circle we sang The Little Green Frog and Three Green And Speckled Frogs. As expected it was tough for some of the little ones to share with brand new neighbours on each side, so we took our time and sang only one song for the jam, Going To The Zoo. 

Even though some of the moms chose not to sit on the floor with us, the majority of them were singing along, so I think that sets a good foundation for next week's class!