Something in the Air!

Today the children were especially energetic. I'm not sure if it was the time change or the Halloween candy but something was definitely in the air! From the first strum of "Hello" all the children were up on their feet dancing and singing. I soon realized that sitting down wasn't really in the cards so I went with the flow and started singing mostly movement based songs like: "Shake your sillies out", "Hokey Pokey" and circle/movement songs like: "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom", "walk and stop". We then continued with "Johnny works with one hammer" and "Sleeping Bunnies". They happily "slept" on the carpet until the much anticipated hop, hop, hop! We probably did this song for a good 8 minutes before moving on. Again, using T-rex, Eggs, and Crocodiles in the place of bunnies. It was a very energetic and exciting class.