Up, up, up! and down, down, down!

Today we had a whole bunch of great singers! The students who attend class at Jessie's Centre were able to join us today and, although we had a few students who were pregnant or whose babies attend daycare elsewhere, they still sang and participated for the whole class, which made things even more fun for the kids who were with us! We had one toddler who was quite happy to show off her skills when finding and touching different body parts, so we sang a number of songs that she could really get into like Hands Together, Hands Apart, Head & Shoulders, and Put Your Finger in the Air. We also had a great jam session with Goin' to the Zoo and a silly song about going fishing! The parachute was definitely the highlight of today with the toddler running in and out and smiling and laughing as the rest of us (including the babies who were there!) shook the parachute and made it go up, up, up! and down, down, down!