Old and New Favourites

I had a wonderful time subbing in for Rebecca at Jessie's Centre today. After meeting briefly with Barbara Poole and her team, they took me upstairs on a tour of the space. I was very impressed at how organized they were and found the room to be buzzing with excitement. After taking some time to set up, I made my way around the room casually introducing myself to the young mothers one-by-one. Sometimes I find this approach to be less threatening and although it takes more time, it can be easier to make a connection this way rather than simply inviting them all over the circle in one big group. Some moms were eating lunch while others were finishing up feeding, and so I began class with a small group that grew and grew as time went on.

We did a variety of material, both traditional children songs and some Rainbow Song favourites including Roly Poly, Mr. Sun, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Trees Need The Sun, The Wheels On The Bus, Row Row Row Your Boat, I Wake Up My Hands, Sitting In My Highchair, Bath Time, Old MacDonald, Baby Shark, Six Little Ducks, Horsey Horsey and Elephants Marching One By One.

For IOTW, I brought along some Tingshaw Bells. We passed these around the room, allowing the moms to realign their chakras and take a moment to reflect and relax during a seemingly busy day. Afterward we brought out the instruments and jammed to Three Little Birds, One Love and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. We finished class with the parachute and it was really nice to have all the babies lying down underneath looking up with their hands in the air. Some moms who initially seemed hesitant about participating were smiling and cooing at their little ones. I must note that Linda and her team were instrumental in making everyone feel comfortable, and that they were nothing short of incredible! I look forward to filling in for Rebecca again next week.