Feel Good Fun

Such a fun, refreshing class at Robertson this evening! A lot of new faces and a couple returning. Singing was off to a nice start with the "Hello Song" and everyone enjoyed opposites with "Roly Poly" and "Hands Together, Hands Apart" - especially the little dance at the end. There was a new 1 year old with her mom today and she made a lot of happy, excited facial expressions during class. It was so much fun to watch her respond to activities and it brought a smile to everyone's faces. I brought the Chinese gong as my special instrument. The older kids got a huge kick out of hitting it as hard as they could with the mallet; making the loud 'CRASH' sound. Overall, the way the class went today felt really good and I was able to make some good connections with children and moms alike. One girl was quite shy and almost looked scared when she came to class with her mom and siblings, but she participated in her turn to roll the ball and hit the gong - her mom was so happy that her daughter made these strides and both of us applauded her participation.

At the end, I strongly encouraged the moms to return to class in the next few weeks as there are only 3 classes left in the session. I really hope to see them all again. One mom personally thanked me afterwards, saying she had a lot of fun - which was a reminder of the importance of RSF classes and how special it is for all who attend.