I arrived at Robertson House this evening and had a little boy, who had attended class with me several times already, begin to follow me around as I was setting up. He was so excited and eager for class to start. His giggles and smiles gave me an extra boost of energy and confidence. I decided to run an animal themed class this evening as it is Animal Week this week in Rainbow Songs classes. Children were happy to put on the animal hats I provided and moms enjoyed watching their little ones wear them. We began with a trip to Old McDonald's farm. The moms were a bit timid today but the children made up for it by making many loud animal sounds. Everyone loved the “Turtle Song” with the “1-2-3 PEEKABOO” surprise at the end. We continued with “Baby Shark”, “The Little Green Frog” and “Sleeping Bunnies”, which got everyone up and hopping about. The moms needed some extra encouragement to stand up for “Elephants Have Wrinkles”, but the children were excitedly participating on their own.

The class ended on an upbeat note!