Fond Farewell

Today was the final day at the Gooch Centre and I was sad to say goodbye. I feel like this group of kids really took a lot away from the program because they were all such strong and enthusiastic participants! We sang all of the classics that we've learned over the 7 weeks and it was amazing to see how well they all know the songs now. I lost them for a bit when we were singing "Everybody Knows that I Love My Toes" but then won them back with one of their favourites "What Are You Wearing?" Today they all pointed out to me that my turtle was not a real turtle but rather a puppet. They still had fun singing the song though! We did the caxixi for the IOTW which is great because all age groups can enjoy the caxixi. Once again, it was a very loud jam session but I didn't push it too hard. We all sang a nice final goodbye song and all of the moms were really excited about getting their certificates. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to build relationships with the kids and parents and staff people at Gooch over the last 7 weeks. It's a wonderful and welcoming community that I was really lucky to have been a part of.