Parachute up and parachute down!

We had a lot of fun at the Gooch centre on June 5th. There were a lot of kids and moms that I recognized but a significant number of new children too. The energy was great--they're really starting to get to know me now so the kids approach me right away; it's nice to be building some relationships. We did "Wake Up My Hands" and "Little Green Frog" to start off because they are starting to get familiar with them, and then they got really excited for "Old MacDonald": I had animal suggestions left, right, and centre! For the IOTW, we did the cowbell which worked out really well. I held one and had the kids come up one at a time (passing around the circle doesn't bode well with this group) to try it, and Rosa (one of the staff members) held the other one. The jam was nice and loud with this group but it was the first time that there were no tears when we were putting away the IOTW and the jam instruments... progress!

Their favourite moment seemed to come with the parachute. They got so excited that every single one of them got under the parachute and it was all grownups on the outside. I played and sang "Shake it Baby, Shake it" while they were under the parachute (I have now decided not to use the CD player for the parachute anymore, as it's too difficult to wade through the crowd to get to the CD player... it breaks up the momentum). They loved it when we shook the parachute to the bottom and the top and cheered every time! Overall a great day at Gooch, not too overwhelming in terms of size, and all of the grownups were really supportive, as usual.