That's A Wrap

Quite a small class at Robertson this evening, but the energy was perfect. All were returning participants and they were ready to sing! English is still coming for the children and one of the moms so I stuck to songs with lots of repetition like "Roly Poly", "Hands Together Hands Apart", and "Finger in the Air". I also did some fun songs like "The Little Green Frog" and "Wheels on the Bus". I brought chime bars as my instrument of the week. There were only four children and I had four chime bars so I let them each have one and they played away while we sang "The Firetruck Song".

It was a very fun and enjoyable class. It was also nice to have Sean there as a volunteer from RSF. He was a great help with the moms filling out feedback forms. We gave out certificates at the end and the moms were very pleased to receive them. I got a nice big hug from one of them which was very meaningful and she said her son and daughter will miss the program during the summer.

So that wraps up a long and fun spring session! I'm looking forward to continuing to work with RSF :)