Lifted Spirits

A great second class of the session at Robertson this evening. Most of the moms and children from last week returned, which I loved to see, and one new mom came with her daughter. There was a feeling of excitement and commitment to participation right from the beginning of class. I reviewed some songs from last week like Roly Poly and Old McDonald and added in some new songs like Clap Your Hands Sing 123 and Here Comes Crocky. I think everyone really enjoyed Elephants Have Wrinkles as well - the children had fun swaying their arms and making elephant sounds. I did tambourines for instrument of the week and the jam ended on a strong note with everyone singing and playing along to De-oh. At the end of class I received some song requests for next week and one of the moms came up to me to say that she was happy she came today because she was sad and her spirits had been lifted through the music. I was overjoyed to hear that and told her that that's what music does on a level we don't even realize. I hope to bring an opportunity for moms to feel that way in every class. See you next week Robertson House!