Always in Motion

We had a very active group today! You may not think that five kids can be all that noisy, but they certainly were today – in all the best possible ways! Since we had a wide age range (6 months to 6 years), I led a variety of songs to engage all our different age groups. It was especially great to have the 6 year old, who could do all the sign language right away, help show his younger sisters how it's done. We counted buttons with One Button, Two Buttons, made different body parts stick together with Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum, and came up with a looong list of animals that we can find in or by the water to help us sing Listen to the Water. Because our group was always in motion, we also did a lot of standing up and dancing around songs, like Elephants Have Wrinkles, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, and The Hokey Pokey. We ended with an awesome jam session where we learned how to play the spoons, which was a definite highlight!