Smooth Sailing

After feeling sick last week I was happy to be back at Gooch this afternoon. Most of the families had attended class with me two weeks prior, so it was a smooth sailing class. There were lots of smiles and great participation from all the grown-ups. A couple of the staff members were busy tidying up when we got started, but within minutes they had abandoned their tasks and were sitting on the ground with me singing along! We sang a couple of fall inspired songs (Five Little Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pumpkin) and dedicated a song to Mr. Sun himself (Mr. Sun). We also reviewed some favourites, including Roly Poly, Wheels On The Bus, Hands Together Hands Apart, I Wake Up My Hands, Little Green Frog, Old MacDonald, and Zoom Zoom Zoom. I also took the opportunity to prep for an "Animal Week" class later this session by teaching a couple of new songs – Baby Shark and Who Fed The Chickens.

The instrument of the week was the Ocean Drum. We took turns passing the large frame drum around, singing along to Listen To The Water. Some of the little ones seemed a bit scared of the sound, so we put it aside and had an extra long jam portion of the class singing a couple pop favorites – I Feel Good, Three Little Birds, and Stand By Me.

After singing the Goodbye Song, I stayed behind a while and chatted with some of the moms. It was nice to have some time to get to know them a bit better. I’m hoping for the week to go by quickly because in all honesty I cannot wait to return to Gooch!