This evening’s class was great! There was a true celebratory feel. Moms were excited to be back and had their requests ready. We sang The Little Green Frog, Old McDonald, BINGO, Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum, and even some Jingle Bells. I brought the Chinese gong for the instrument of the week, and everyone loved it. The older children were really good at hitting the gong strong and loud! For the jam we sang two requests – De-oh and Three Little Birds – and all the moms were singing so loudly I barely had to lead them! There was truly a light and happy feeling as everyone sang in unison. It was great having Jo come visit to participate and help with handing out certificates and the donated gifts to the moms. I was happy to hear Candice tell me after class that she already had a bunch of requests from moms to get their certificates laminated. They were very proud, as they should be! It's been a wonderful session at Robertson House this fall, and I'm excited to return in the new year!