Mighty and Musical

Our class at Gooch today was smaller than last week, but mighty and musical! The smaller group allowed the toddlers to really shine, and more space for all of the kids to stretch their dancing legs. We had a special guest taking photographs and it was hilarious to watch the kids either notice or not notice the photography, and sometimes ham it up for the camera. A highlight was at the end of the class when a participant grabbed a grownup's smartphone and held it to her eye like a camera/telescope – with her eye "looking" into the part of the phone that we usually speak into! For most of the class, however, the kids hardly noticed the camera because they were so engaged by the songs and instruments. We walked (and stomped, and tiptoed, and twirled, and danced)… and stopped! … our way around the circle. The children were all excited to learn about the tambourine, and jam time felt like a joyous moment for both children and adults to express themselves freely along with the music and together with one another. I love seeing how happy the grownups get during jam time, although of course the kids usually steal the show with their unabashed musical exploration, or sometimes just pausing and looking at me studiously. The kids were delighted to have parachute play to end the class, and we sang Goodbye to each child individually. Until next time…!