Open ‘Em, Shut ‘Em

We had an absolute blast at Birkdale today. A lot of the usual children were in attendance, with some new faces, too! Even the newest attendee, though a bit nervous at first, had warmed up enough to help with the clean-up train after jam time, and even gave me a high five when it was time to go! We began the class with major enthusiastic giggles, induced by the peekaboo-esque Open ‘Em, Shut ‘Em. Then, the giant rainbow stretchy band got introduced for the first time to a crowd of excited participants. Boom whackers were the instrument of the week, and were also met with smiles and curiosity. At one point everyone turned their boom whacker into a pretend trumpet, which was everyone's favourite part. We had so much fun today that even one of our very shy moms sang out loud and proud during the jam. A great class by far! Boomwhacker-01