New Faces, Older Crowd

What a lovely change of pace at Birkdale on Monday! We had exclusively 3-5 year old kids attend the class, so I adjusted the content accordingly. We sang the older Hello song (We're All Here Today) and played lots of fun songs geared more for the older group. I took a request for Wheels on the Bus, and we also thoroughly enjoyed Old MacDonald. We did an activity with the Chime Bars with the song Hurry, Hurry, in which the older group needed less assistance from the grown-ups to share and be patient. The instrument of the week was the Guiro and we sang All The Nations Like Bananas, which was a crowd favorite. New faces in the group really enjoyed their time in class. A heartwarming moment included when the oldest participant thanked me loudly and enthusiastically, as she was jumping and dancing around under the parachute for the first time. All in all a great class! Guiro