Everybody Make A Circle

We had a good turnout for our first session together. The kids were eager to get involved, singing and repeating after me from the get go, but it was a bit challenging to get them to make a circle. Nearly all of them kept inching forward and touching the guitar. I generally like to go with the flow, so I came in close with them for a few songs. Then I was able to encourage them to sit with their grown-ups for the Wheels on the Bus, but shortly thereafter I could see that we just needed to move. They had a great time jumping and dancing with Shake Our Sillies Out, Workin' on the Railroad, Sleeping Bunnies, and 5 Little Monkeys. I then showed them the Jaw Harp and let them all have a turn strumming my guitar. We finished off with a jam session and parachute song. jews_harp