Hop and Shake!

After a very busy first class, I enjoyed having a slightly smaller group this week with 10 lovely kids, including a few new ones who couldn't make it last week! It's often a challenge trying to think of how to integrate different ages, abilities, and personalities into one class, but I'm so fortunate these kids are used to being around each other and can navigate that with me. Being a particularly cold February day, I could tell the kids were having some cabin fever from being stuck inside - aren't we all! We sang Sleeping Bunnies, which allowed the older kids to jump but allowed the mums with babies to participate by simply bouncing them up and down to get the slow-fast-slow-fast motion. We also played the maraca as the instrument of the week. I challenged the older kids to try a more precise technique with their thumbs and wrists, while the babies simply enjoyed the sound, feel, and taste of the mini maracitas. We sang Shake It, Baby, Shake It, and shook those winter blahs away!