Springtime Fun!

We started our class looking at a 1-2-3 pattern found in many songs: Clap Your Hands and Sing 123, I Wake Up My Hands, and Six Little Ducks. The older kids were wonderfully adept at catching on to the rhythm and the little ones seemed to groove to it in their own way. We marched around the circle as we went Zoom, Zoom, Zoom to the moon, and then came back to Earth to sing about the beginning of spring. Trees Need the Sun was the perfect segue into making music with the rain sticks and thunder tubes. We welcomed the warm rainy weather yet to come with Thunder Pounding, and If All the Raindrops. Our class at Robertson House now has a contingent of four or five preschoolers who have become the de facto singalong leaders, and I am both delighted and grateful for this powerhouse team! Like in any group, all it takes is a few people to set the mood and the whole room quickly becomes just as cheerful and enthusiastic as these young ladies are!

rain stickthunder tube