Small but Mighty

A combination of renovations at Robertson House and beautiful weather perfect for outdoor play meant we had our smallest class by far this term - just two kids! Luckily, these brothers are always the most enthusiastic and energetic kids in the class, so we jumped right in with no hesitation. Their mom, the RH staff member, and I simply played off their moods and energy. We started off with I Wake Up My Hands and Roly Poly, to give them a chance to move their arms around and practice some songs we've been working on for a month or so. They were still super giddy, so we just rolled with it and let them hop with Sleeping Bunnies and Little Green Frog. We marched around with Elephants Are Marching, and then sat back down for some classics - The Wheels on the Bus and ABCD - as the older boy had been showing off his alphabet skills before class. Since there were only two kids, I brought out our musical spoons to give them a more focused look at an instrument. The boys clicked and clacked as we counted up to ten with This Old Man. In our little session I was reminded of something a conductor once told me: it doesn't matter if you're singing for two people or two million people - music is about spirit and shared experiences! Spoons