Tickle Time!

We had some old faces return to class for the first time in a few weeks, which is always a nice treat for our class. One of the fun things about having the same people in each class is that the kids start to master the signs we use during our Hello, Everybody song! We had a lot of names that start with E, A, and B, and one little boy was proudly showing me those signs before class. We kept the hand action going with One Little Finger and Sticky, Sticky, Bubblegum, before reprising last week's hit, The Tickle Song. There are a lot of siblings in our class, plus these kids are so comfortable with the other moms and children at Robertson House, so the tickling quickly erupted into wild laughter! We couldn't sit still after that, so we sang through some transportation songs held together by the story in How Now Brown Cow, before standing up to travel with Train Is A-Comin', and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. We passed around the beanbag to refocus the group, which can sometimes be a challenge when you have babies and 4-year-olds in the same class. The beanbag ended up travelling in a less than perfect circle, but I think that was to be expected - we grown-ups were just happy the kids were practicing sharing!