A Sweet Goodbye

We had our last class of 2018 under the warm light of the Christmas tree in the living room at Ernestine. This room has made such a difference in the feeling and energy of the classes this session, and it was nice to have cozy vibes to ring out the year. Though we started off with a slightly smaller group of three, we were shortly joined by the rest of our regular group, plus one older sibling who was excited to join. The difference in numbers not only made a huge difference in energy, but also focus! Everybody was into it, and though the kids at Ernestine weren't quite as amazed at the Vibraslap as the kids at the Plaza, they had no issues with an extra long jam session, topped off with Jingle Bells.  We said goodbye with a Happy Birthday parachute song for two birthdays in the room and plenty of high fives.