First Redwood Class!

My first ever RSF class at the Redwood last night was very energetic! The children loved the class and sang along with enthusiasm to such songs as The Wheels on the Bus and Shake Your Sillies Out. They also loved playing the instruments from the jam bag and dancing under the parachute. The ages ranged from around 3 to 10 years old and everyone was engaged. As I was packing up to leave, one girl around 5 years said to me, "I liked the music class!" and others wanted to strum on my guitar before putting it away. This is an energetic and happy group and I can't wait to continue classes with them!

Some lessons from the evening included making sure that the moms were present. There were only a couple women in the room but it was hard to tell which ones were volunteers and which ones were mothers. Jo from RSF was at the class with me, and she suggested that next week I reiterate that it is a family music class and to encourage all mothers to join their children in the class. Some women were sitting on chairs, so I will also encourage them to sit on the floor next week. The room was also a little cramped with all the kids that were present (we started with around 7 kids at the beginning, and that grew to around 15 kids towards the end of the class as they filtered in), so next week I will ask the RSF staff if we can move a couple tables to open up the space. Jo also suggested closing the door 5-10 minutes after the start time to encourage the kids to stay in the class as some kids were wandering in and out. 

All in all, the class was a success!