Shake Like Jello!

We had a great class at CultureLink this week. It was nice to see some new participants settling into the class. One baby was so focused on the guitar the whole time, we couldn’t help but have a little laugh about it – too cute! We also all enjoyed a moment when one boy did a great impression of “shaking like jello” during our rendition of What Are You Wearing? Looking forward to more great classes!

Shake It All About!

We had a good class at CultureLink this past week. Our usual clientele were unfortunately under the weather, so we had a bit of an older group and their parents. It was still great to see the kids engaging with their moms through music. We had a great time shaking it all about during The Hokey Pokey! Lots of great smiles and dance moves. Looking forward to more great classes to come.

New Languages!

We had a great group at our CultureLink class this week. With a variety of ages and lots of parents, the group was very engaged and singing enthusiastically. Since most of the participants speak Arabic, I had a lot of fun asking them to sing our counting songs in Arabic. This was a great way for me to learn something new and for participants to further engage in the class.

Hello! Hello!

We had a great start at CultureLink this week. A small but mighty crowd of eager young ones and parents greeted us with lots of singing, right from the start of class. A few former participants set a great example to our newcomers, especially when asked to share turns with our instrument of the week, the Ocean Drum. Lots of fun, and I look forward to more classes!

Ocean drum.jpg

That's What It's All About!

Lots of energy and smiles today with the kids, parents and staff at CultureLink! For our last class, we sang through some of the hits of the session, clapping our hands for Sticky Bubblegum, and looking around at colours for What Are You Wearing? The kids had a great time singing and dancing along to The Hokey Pokey and freezing in silly poses when it came time to exclaim, "That's what it's all about!" It's all about having fun with music! I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with the great people at CultureLink. Great session!


Despite a low turnout this week at our CultureLink class, we still had a fun time with all sorts of activities. With only two children and their mom, plus some enthusiastic staff, we managed to crank up the energy with our rendition of B-I-N-G-O. The kids did a great job of quickly moving through all the letter signs as we sung. We also had a great time learning some tambourine skills later in the class. Hopefully we get more participants for our last class next week!


Follow the Beat!

We had a great class with our CultureLink participants on Thursday. With a slightly older age group, the kids had no problem following along with a beat during our jams. We played a game during our rendition of Yellow Submarine where participants had to hit their drums only when I stomped my feet. I managed to fool them a few times, but I was very impressed with their rhythmic skills! Looking forward to our next class.

Full Scale Fun!

We had a great time with our CultureLink participants this week. Due to the weather the group was a bit smaller this time around, but parent attendance was great! I was very impressed with how quickly the kids grasped how to play our instrument of the week, the kalimba. One girl got a big round of applause when she played a full scale on the kalimba on her first try. Looking forward to more great classes!

Thumb piano.jpg

Sounds of the Rainforest!

We had a great class with our CultureLink participants today. Overall, the young ones were very focused and engaged with the music and movement. We had a lot of fun with the wooden Thai frogs (wood blocks). We paired the sound of the frogs with the rain sticks and all closed our eyes to imagine we were in the rainforest. It actually sounded like we were! The kids were so quiet and listened very intently. Looking forward to next week’s class!

Wooden frog.jpg
Rain stick.jpg