Paisleigh’s “One”derful Birthday!

What a finale to our spring session at Ernestine! Spirits were high for Paisleigh’s birthday party, and balloons were everywhere (however, next time, it would be a good idea to keep balloons out of the music room). The kids were extremely high energy, perhaps even more so than normal (maybe some of them got into the birthday cake early). The repertoire was almost entirely animal songs to keep with the birthday party theme, but by Paisleigh’s mom’s request, we still had Zoom Zoom Zoom (this time with the parachute). By the time we finished, everybody was ready for some cake, but the kids weren’t ready for me to go. I look forward to returning next time!

Curious Kids!

Today was a particularly chatty session with the kids. They had lots of questions: “What’s that thing on your guitar?”, “Where do you go after Rainbow Songs?”, “When can we do Sticky Sticky Bubblegum?”, “Where’s your yellow thing?” (my guitar pick). Luckily a lot of those questions came before we started singing, but eventually they started to interrupt songs, so in between songs, I tried to turn the tables as much as possible by asking the big kids lots of questions that would help lead us into the subjects of songs. Though I had to do a lot of thinking on my feet, I’d always prefer the extra engagement rather than none at all! And it’s a joy to see how much curiosity the kids have.

New Voices, Same Great Energy!

We had a couple new folks join us at Ernestine this week, and both mother and daughter were friends with one of the mothers and daughters already in the class, so it made for a lot of shared enthusiasm. They both got into the swing of things seamlessly, as if they had been present for all the previous classes (even picking up on the lyrics without any prompting). We did a lot of songs around the room today, and the kids were better about not jumping on the couches. Though I loved the explosive energy early in the session, things are a bit more manageable now, which makes for an ultimately better class.


Ernestine is bringing the energy, week after week! It’s so great to see the enthusiasm for the program amongst kids and grown-ups alike. Not only do the kids remember the songs from previous weeks (and request them!), but they seem to be able to learn lyrics and actions for the new songs in record time. Sometimes the energy can take them around the room and onto the surrounding couches, but today the Cabasa was able to rein them in for Instrument of the Week. One of the kids kept repeating the name, “Cabasaaaaa, Cabaaaaaaasa”, well into the jam. What a fun group!


A Joyful Return!

I couldn’t have asked for a better reception from the kids and grown-ups for my return to Ernestine. Though it was a whole new batch of kids, they were jumping for joy and so excited to sing before I had even set up! Likewise, the grown-ups were full of enthusiasm, singing along to most songs by the second verse, as if they had known them for years. The kids were great with sharing the instruments, and once we were done, one of them yelled out, “It’s over already??” Only till next week, when I’m sure we’ll have just as much fun!

A Sweet Goodbye

We had our last class of 2018 under the warm light of the Christmas tree in the living room at Ernestine. This room has made such a difference in the feeling and energy of the classes this session, and it was nice to have cozy vibes to ring out the year. Though we started off with a slightly smaller group of three, we were shortly joined by the rest of our regular group, plus one older sibling who was excited to join. The difference in numbers not only made a huge difference in energy, but also focus! Everybody was into it, and though the kids at Ernestine weren't quite as amazed at the Vibraslap as the kids at the Plaza, they had no issues with an extra long jam session, topped off with Jingle Bells.  We said goodbye with a Happy Birthday parachute song for two birthdays in the room and plenty of high fives.


The Fish Returns!

Today was a bit strange. We started late because there was a meeting going on with some of the moms, and the staff member who normally sits in on the classes was caught up with another pressing matter at the shelter. Because we started late, some of the kids were pretty tired and ready for bed for a chunk of the class, but a couple of things brought the energy up. The first was that after several weeks of one of the kids requesting a particular song about a fish that she couldn’t remember – and me trying every fish song I could think of – it turned out to be Baby Shark! The second thing that brought the energy up was, undoubtedly, the instruments for jam time, and a smiling rendition of Jingle Bells.

Feeling Full

Today’s class started off a bit smaller while some of the kids had their dinner, which made the flow of things a bit strange. However, it’s always nice to be joined in the middle of a song by kids who know the words and can bring a fresh energy to the class. The post-dessert participation also meant that there was a lot of bouncing to be had (helped by a sugar rush, no doubt), followed by a sugar-crash that made for a very accurate Sleeping Bunnies. Things perked up again for the jam, and I didn’t have to remind anyone not to hit the drums with maracas this time, even among the very little ones!

Funny Frogs!

Perhaps it’s the early winter sunsets, but everyone was a bit sleepy when I arrived at Ernestine. Jakey, one of the most enthusiastic kids, was out like a light until about halfway through the class. Though it took a bit of time to get everyone into the energy, the frog songs and wooden frog (Instrument of the Week) brought everybody’s focus back in. The kids shared the frog around the circle very well, and enjoyed making funny frog faces along with it.


Funny Faces!

Some of the kids from last week were out with their mom this week, but we still had an enthusiastic group of 4-5 year olds, plus one newborn. The kids were freshly energized from their dinner, so I made sure to include all the bouncy songs I could think of. The best part of the class was Little Green Frog, which I slowed down in the intro, giving the kids the chance to really milk it with their funny faces, and make each other laugh. Unfortunately we didn’t have quite enough space for a parachute this week, but that was made up for with the shell shaker, which I brought as a special instrument, and the kids shared it without any fuss. Everyone sang along during the jam, and finished off with big high fives and big smiles.

Shell shaker.jpg