A Sweet Goodbye

Today was my last class with the Birkdale staff, kids, and caregivers. I got to finish off strong with some of my regulars and meet a new little friend and mom as well. The kids enjoyed the Elephants Have Wrinkles movement song as well as another rendition of Jingle Bells done with body bells on the wrists. We had a high energy jam session and finished with Sleeping Bunnies under the parachute.

Jingle Bells

Today I passed out bells to all the participants and had them practice shaking the bells five times in a row to sing Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck. We then sang Twinkle Twinkle, Shake It Baby Shake It, and finished with a big finale of Jingle Bells. We explored the Brazilian instrument, the Caxixi, for Instrument of the Week and had a great jam session.


Bells Are a Ringin'

Today I had a smaller group which worked perfectly for the instruments of the week. I showed the Tibetan tingshaw bells (which are used for meditation and balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain) and the Nepalese singing bowls. The kids were fascinated by both and enjoyed trying to make them sound.

Singing bowl.jpg

Middle Eastern Vibe

Today I brought the Middle Eastern Darabouka (also nicknamed the Dumbek) to class today. The kids were mesmerized with the sounds it can make and the Middle Eastern rhythm I taught them (named the Baladi rhythm). One child found a steady beat and even shook his hips to the beat as he hit the drum steadily. We also explored team work as we practiced rowing our boat and singing to the beat with the rainbow stretchy rope that I brought along.


Fire! Fire!

Today I brought along the chime bars and had enough for each child to have their own. I had them practice tapping different beats on the chime bar and they enjoyed hitting the chimes five times in a row for The Firetruck Song. We also practiced using the rainbow stretchy rope during movement time, as we moved in a circle to The Train Is A Comin' song.

Chime bars.jpg