In the News! Rainbow Songs Foundation nurtures young families through music.

We are thrilled to share the full clip of RSF being featured on Global TV’s Making a Difference Segment!  

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What do we do?

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The Rainbow Songs Foundation provides engaging music programs to families and children in GTA shelters in the fall, winter and spring. By giving parents the skills and tools to make music with their children, our programs seek to make a real difference in families’ lives today and in the future.

Why do we do it?


Young families are the fastest growing demographic within the shelter system in our city, facing issues like domestic violence, poverty, and homelessness. These issues dramatically impact the social, emotional and intellectual development of children, perpetuating and widening the gap between the economically advantaged and diadvantaged in our community.

How can you make a difference?


Rainbows Songs Foundation is an all-volunteer organization funded completely through the generous support of community members like you. Because we are such a small organization, every dollar really counts. Your donation directly impacts the families we serve.  View our support options to learn how you can help our organization, volunteer, donate or sponsor our programs.

Engagement with music and warm instructors are associated with the pillars of flourishing children, including building positive emotions, engagement, meaning, social connection and achievement. The Rainbow Songs Foundation in Toronto provides free high quality music programs to families using shelter services in the GTA. The program is designed to build mastery and relationships that can contribute to happy and thriving children and families in our city.

Greg Evans, Ph.D. Board Member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association