Movin' and Groovin'

We had another great class this week at Jessie's Centre. Our group was as young as 4 months and as old as 2 today, but my, did all those kids know how to move, no matter what their age! This group was right into all the actions showing off the sticky bubblegum between their toes and noses, waving their fingers in the air and taking those sharp corners as they hurried in their firetrucks! Our group was eager to get to their feet and we really came together with the song, "Elephants Have Wrinkles." As we found our toes, hips and trunks there were lots of giggles as moms and shelter staff gave tickles, as well. And, as usual, we finished off with lots of parachute fun, which seems to be what these babies and toddlers like the best! It's always difficult to turn off the music and put the parachute away because they enjoy it so much.