Welcome Back!

Wow!  It was very nice to be back. The children’s anticipation for today’s class was clear from the start; a full room was waiting for me half an hour before I began! We had a very excited bunch and it took a while to get everyone to sit in a circle long enough to go through everyone’s names.  We had to do a little refreshing, so we played a repeat after me game before even singing the Hello song. Continuing with the repeat theme, we worked in some back and forth rhythm games and chants, followed by “Boom Chicka Boom”. The children were pretty eager to get moving so we did a long segment including “Do the Monkey,” “5 Little Monkeys,” and “Sleeping Bunnies,” all of which seemed to echo the enthusiasm in the room. I showed the group the pan flute and we all sang “The ABCs” before returning to our circle.