Dance Party: Going out with a Bang

We had an action packed end to our fall session. Beginning on time and with a full house, we sang through many of the children's favourites. We stood and moved and danced until I finally brought out the Djembe, a hand drum from West Africa. We played several movement games to the sound of the drum, and the children took turns making sounds on the instrument. The grown-ups also seemed to really enjoy the rhythmic beats, as many of them were dancing enthusiastically. We had 20 children and 11 mothers as well as 1 staff on hand. The Shelter worker, who took attendance for me, left me a note saying "I swear I did not put up any flyers this week". The kids were participating wonderfully. The class started on time and everyone was geared up and ready from the very first Hello to the last Goodbye.

After class, another supervisor mentioned that people had been calling the office since 5 o’clock to ask whether there would be Rainbow Songs this evening. It is clear that these kids love the program. Most of the mothers love the program and more and more are participating each week. I feel like we have made some important breakthroughs despite any difficulties this term. While there have been some ups and downs, it is clear that this program is a success and that they do not have any other programs that encourage mother-child bonding in the way that we do. M asked me about the new year and said that she would try to find a student to come in to facilitate. I would love to continue with it in the New Year.