Picture Day

Today was picture day, but most of the children didn't seem to know, or care, which will make for some great candid shots! We had a few less people, but had just as much fun. We didn't have anyone new, but there has been one adult and child who have attended every week. All told, eight children and five adults sang "I Have a Belly Button," "Tickle Song," "Everybody Knows That I Love My Toes," and, "10 Little Fingers." They also had fun bobbing up and down with "What Are You Wearing?" and marching to "Mama Don' Allow/When the Kids Go Marching In." Some of the children showed excellent timing on the chime bars, our instrument of the week. The mothers were really rocking on the tambourines during the jam session as we sang "Jamaica Farewell." A personal thank-you I received from one mother on the way out the door shows how much the programme is appreciated.